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GOM | Modeling

MLO | GOM | Seaview Auto Repair

MLO | GOM | Seaview Auto Repair

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MLO | GOM | Seaview Auto Repair


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Map Features:

Fully functional MLO.

Custom Textures. 

Custom Lighting. 

3 Rooms, Garage / Surveillance And Or Office / Storage Rooms. 

Inside Of MLO - There is parking slots for 2 Total Vehicles (1 Lifts, 1 Bay), This excludes any parked parked bikes around the shop inside. 

Working Gas Station Area / Guidance Cones.

3 Fully Custom Propsets W/ Lighting.

Edited Original Exterior - Removed Unwanted Signs, Added Gas Pump Mounting Slab.

Works well and Tested with Stock Graphics, Visual V, Quant V, NVE [Natural Vision Evolved], And Quant V + NVE Combined.

Created by: GOM

Uploaded by: GOM

Sold by: GOM

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